Client Story: Feeling freer to be me

When I first met my client, Catherine, she had a work ethic ingrained in her that was all about grinding, striving, and reaching for the next thing.

She felt anxious about saying the right thing and appearing in the right way which made her feel sick to her stomach every day before work and ruminate on her conversations after work.

During the pandemic Catherine had made some big changes to her personal life and had begun to feel the impact of living her life from a place of her own rather than …

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Client Story: Confidence to navigate ambiguity

Sarah had always seen work as a big part of her identity. But once she became a mum she didn't know how she was going to balance the two - being ambitious and being the mother she wanted to be. 

And as she was re-entering the workforce she didn't trust herself to know what she wanted. Would she might make a hasty decision she’d regret, or on the flip side, make no decision and stagnate? 

Today she's much happier in her existing work. Not only because she's molded it much closer to where she wa…

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Client Story: Stepping off the "career ski lift"

When I met Nick he felt like he was treading water, clocking in and clocking out, looking up the corporate ladder without any real enthusiasm.

He felt like there was something missing.

After six months together Nick landed his dream job working in sports betting. He's stepped off the "career ski lift" and has created a career at the intersection of what he's naturally good at, what he's interested in, and his life priorities.

He trusts himself more and notices what gives him energy and …

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Client Story: Feeling lighter, clearer, more energized

Do you ever feel attached to your career looking a certain way? This is what was happening with my client, Yui.

After spending the first decade of her career in academia getting a PhD, she felt she had to then become a professor in order to be 'successful'.

Together we broke down all the ideas she had about what she should be and cleared out the "emotional cobwebs" so she could press restart on how she saw her in her career.

She was able to ask herself what do I actually want from my ca…

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Client Story: Finding Purpose & Direction

Have you ever been at an event and when someone asked you what you did for work you said something quick and flippant? Perhaps you made a self-deprecating joke and then tried to move the conversation onto something else? 

That's what was happening with my client, Damien. Whenever his professional status would come up he would feel himself shrinking and receding from the moment.

He didn't feel energized and excited by what he was doing and didn't know how to articulate where he was going in his…

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Client Story: Carving your own damn path

When we don't trust ourselves, we look outwards to other people's success formulas and try to map ourselves on them. We end up confusing ourselves with what would be 'right' for us and we end up doing things that don't quite click.

That's what happened with my client Page.

When I first started working with her, she was distracted by the noise of what other people were doing, looking at other people's career paths as the model of success. She ended up bored and demotivated.

Through our …

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Get back up and try again

It's February. How are those New Year's Resolutions coming?

If you're like most people, you've already given up on those resolutions. 23% of people give up after a week. And over 80% of people aren't able to stick to their goals longterm.

And I get it. Doing something new is hard.

Your behavior has to change. And this requires your brain to think it new ways. Which it really hates doing.

This means the whole process of creating a new habit can feel unpleasant and difficult.

And th…

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Client Story: Letting go of people pleasing

When we have a tendency to people please we can lose touch with ourselves to the extent that we don't even know how to articulate what we want out of our career.

That's what happened with my client Alex.

Even though she held a coveted role at a prestigious ad agency her energy was low. And she couldn't pinpoint why or where to focus to fix it.

Through my 1:1 program she recognized it was her people pleasing tendencies that were getting in the way of creating a career and life she loved…

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One step at a time

I didn’t set about to become an entrepreneur. 
I became one.
One step at a time. 

I felt a call to leave advertising, so I did. 
The next step wasn’t perfect. 
I actually took a lot of steps here that weren’t great fits
But I had left advertising and I was learning about myself.

I discovered and got excited about coaching, so I went got certified.
I had no idea how it would weave into my career and life.
I took 3 years to figure out what kind of coach I wanted to be. 

Training te…

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How to trust yourself

It’s normal to tell yourself: I don’t know who I am or what I want. I feel so confused and lost.

Confusion, while uncomfortable, ends up being a comfortable place to live.

Our brain likes familiarity so it’s ok with confusion. 
It means you stay where you are. 
It means you don’t have to take action and try things you haven’t done before.

I like to shake this up for my clients by asking them: 

If time and resources weren’t a concern and you knew you’d be successful, what would you …

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