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Ep. 36 - How to manage anxiety
Ep. 35 - How to choose the right path
Ep. 34 - Don't say yes to the wrong job
Ep. 33 - How to feel confident
Ep. 32 - Redundancy Game Plan

Redundancy Game Plan

Redundancy is on everyone’s lips. Have you recently been made redundant? Is your company threatening redundancies? Are you considering leaving your job and restructuring your career? Then you’ll want to listen to this episode....

Episode 31 How to connect to your gut

How to connect to your gut

Have you ever had a sense that you shouldn't do something ... and yet, you did it anyways. And then you kicked yourself afterwards when the result isn’t what you wanted because you felt like you had a sense that you shouldn’t do whatever is it that you did?

Ep. 30 - How to cultivate mentors
episode image ep. 29 - How to take risks
Episode image Ep. 28 - Mitigating my own burnout
Episode Image - Ep. 27 - Strive for B- work

Strive for B- work

When we strive for an A in everything, when we want everything to be perfect, we are either unable to keep up with life’s competing demands or we burn out. So what if I told you the secret is striving for B- work? 

Episode Image - Ep. 26 - The passion and purpose trap

The passion and purpose trap

Find your passion, follow your purpose are two of the biggest red herrings when it comes to creating an energizing career you love. I explain why this is and what you should focus on instead in this episode...

Episode Image - Ep. 25 - The 4 skills for career fulfillment
episode image Ep. 24 - Lessons from getting fired