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Anyone can build an energizing career they love. It's just a matter of knowing what to focus on.

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Ep. 8 Writing your own rulebook with Isabelle Vandenbroucke (2)

Writing your own rulebook with Isabelle Vandenbroucke

Part of what I wanted to do on this podcast is introduce you to everyday people who are thriving, professionally, personally. To show you that feeling energized and aligned at work isn't just for celebrities or the titans of industry that are often featured on other podcasts.....

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The Career Studio - episode image ep. 7

How to stop procrastinating

Learning how to manage my urges to procrastinate has been one of the biggest hurdles in creating an energizing career I love. And if I can do it - so, can you.....

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The Career Studio - Laila Copy (24)

Feelings: your overlooked superpower

In this episode I discuss why feelings are a superpower and how to tune into them and use them to your advantage....

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Episode Image Ep. 5 Wisdom from my career path

Wisdom From My Career Path

I share my own journey to create an energizing career I love and the insights I’ve gleaned along the way that are fundamental to the work I teach at The Career Studio....

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Episode Image Ep. 4 Your Time

Your Time: Career Cornerstone 4

Do you know how to structure your days and your weeks to support your energy and therefore productivity and impact? And are you able to set, communicate, and maintain the boundaries on your time..... 

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Episode Image Ep. 3 Your People

Your People: Career Cornerstone 3

People are the lifeblood of your career. And what I mean by people is essentially learning how to have intentional, insightful, strategic conversations about whatever you need help with. This is the skill will help you move through the inevitable discomfort of confusion and uncertainty....

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Episode Image Ep. 2. Your Mindset

Your Mindset: Career Cornerstone 2

When you’re stuck in your career you’re stuck in your mind. But did you know you have agency over the thoughts in your head? You get to choose the narrative and this choice will impact how you feel....

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Episode Image Ep. 1 Your Brand

Your Brand: Career Cornerstone 1

At the heart of creating an energizing career is getting in touch with your own brand. And I mean brand in the most authentic sense of the word. Not who you think you should be or what other people ask you to be....

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An introduction to The Career Studio podcast.

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