Get back up and try again

It's February. How are those New Year's Resolutions coming?

If you're like most people, you've already given up on those resolutions. 23% of people give up after a week. And over 80% of people aren't able to stick to their goals longterm.

And I get it. Doing something new is hard.

Your behavior has to change. And this requires your brain to think it new ways. Which it really hates doing.

This means the whole process of creating a new habit can feel unpleasant and difficult.

And then when we don't see the results we were hoping for in a short period of time - a matter of days or weeks - we get discouraged.

Because again, our brain wants things to be easy. With lots of green lights and open roads.

This is why it's so easy to go back to what we were doing before - even if it is something we want to change.

Often the discomfort of what we know how to do is more comfortable that the discomfort of doing something new.

But here's the thing.

Successfully creating a new habit or way of being takes practice.

And inherent in practice is trying and stumbling and failing and learning from this and then getting back up and trying again.

You have to expect to fail. And then the secret is re-committing to trying again.

Don't take failure as final. Don't take it to mean you can't. Take it as a normal part of the growth process.

If you continually re-commit to your goal, learn from what didn't work and readjust, you will eventually create a new habit.

So even if it's been three weeks since you tried to do that new thing that seemed important to you on January 1st - recommit.

Today, on Tuesday Feb 8th, decide to try again.

Small, incremental steps.
Consistent re-commitment.
This is what it takes to create lasting change.

Anyone can do it. You just need to know what to focus on.

PS. This is just one of the many concepts I support my clients in applying and integrating when it comes to creating and maintaining healthy habits - essential in creating an energizing career you love. Schedule a Career Strategy Call if you'd like to discuss the others and get a prescriptive plan of action for your own career goals and ambitions.

PPS. It was a privilege to discuss how to go from demotivated to energized in your career on the Women Worldwide podcast - hosted by PR and Marketing powerhouse and mentor of mine, Deirdre Breakenridge. Listen or watch here.