Client Story: Feeling freer to be me

When I first met my client, Catherine, she had a work ethic ingrained in her that was all about grinding, striving, and reaching for the next thing.

She felt anxious about saying the right thing and appearing in the right way which made her feel sick to her stomach every day before work and ruminate on her conversations after work.

During the pandemic Catherine had made some big changes to her personal life and had begun to feel the impact of living her life from a place of her own rather than what her parents or society expected of her. 

It felt amazing but she didn't know how to apply this same approach to her professional life.

Through our work together, Catherine re-structured her work life, started a series of side projects to cultivate new interests, and changed how she shows up to her colleagues and teams. 

She feels freer to be herself and is clear about what she's good at, how she adds value, and believes its worthwhile impact. 

She's no longer trying to be what each person needs in that moment and its resulted in her colleagues calling her "a role model leader."

She's believes the life she's chosen is valid because it feels good.

Watch Catherine's 4 minute testimonial to hear the full story.