How to trust yourself

It’s normal to tell yourself: I don’t know who I am or what I want. I feel so confused and lost.

Confusion, while uncomfortable, ends up being a comfortable place to live.

Our brain likes familiarity so it’s ok with confusion. 
It means you stay where you are. 
It means you don’t have to take action and try things you haven’t done before.

I like to shake this up for my clients by asking them: 

If time and resources weren’t a concern and you knew you’d be successful, what would you be doing?

Stop what you’re doing right now.
Force yourself to think for 2 minutes and answer this question.
It might be scary to actually say it out loud. 

Notice that you do have an answer, even if it's not super specific.
Whatever your answer, this is your direction.
Own it. 

Now if I tell you to find a way to weave your answer into your life in some capacity.
You’ll notice, the only thing stopping you is the belief that it’s possible. 

And this is the first place you start. 

The belief that what you want for yourself and your life is not only possible, but inevitable. 

When you cultivate this belief you begin to take action.
You’ll look for people to talk to. 
You’ll get creative.
You’ll keep going when you hear no. 

When you believe it’s not possible, you stay confused
You tell yourself all the reasons it will be hard or won’t work.
This means you don’t take action. 

So that’s it. 
Tap into yourself. 
Listen to what keeps playing around in your head. 
Trust this voice. 
Embrace the fear of owning your ambitions.
Believe they're possible. 
And start taking action. 

The more you trust your desires and ambitions, the more clear your path forward will become. 

PS. I teach my clients how to listen to their internal voices, trust them, own them, and take strategic, iterative action on them to make their ambitions reality. If you want to learn how to trust yourself and how this process would work for you schedule a 1:1 Strategy Call