Client Story: Carving your own damn path

When we don't trust ourselves, we look outwards to other people's success formulas and try to map ourselves on them. We end up confusing ourselves with what would be 'right' for us and we end up doing things that don't quite click.

That's what happened with my client Page.

When I first started working with her, she was distracted by the noise of what other people were doing, looking at other people's career paths as the model of success. She ended up bored and demotivated.

Through our work, she learned how to quiet the external noise and tap into herself and what she actually wanted to do.

She learned how to take control of her emotional wellbeing so no matter what other people say and do, she takes charge of how she wants to react.

She learned to "carve her own damn path" and is working methodically towards making her career goals reality.

Here's what else she said:

"Working with Anne was pure JOY.

I walked in expecting to get some career advice and walked out with a great mentor and friend. She was always there when I needed her and even when I didn't know I needed her. Her coaching went beyond career advice and helped me be a better leader and a better person.

10/10 recommend"

Watch more of Page's story in the video.

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