Client Story: Letting go of people pleasing

When we have a tendency to people please we can lose touch with ourselves to the extent that we don't even know how to articulate what we want out of our career.

That's what happened with my client Alex.

Even though she held a coveted role at a prestigious ad agency her energy was low. And she couldn't pinpoint why or where to focus to fix it.

Through my 1:1 program she recognized it was her people pleasing tendencies that were getting in the way of creating a career and life she loved. As she learned how to let them go she got back in touch with herself and reconnected to what gave her energy and fulfillment.

She now knows what she wants out of her career and has a framework to use to navigate important career decisions going forward.

She also no longer thinks networking is scary and used the coaching process to build important relationships that will support her career for years to come.

Check out Alex's story in the video above.

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