One step at a time

I didn’t set about to become an entrepreneur. 
I became one.
One step at a time. 

I felt a call to leave advertising, so I did. 
The next step wasn’t perfect. 
I actually took a lot of steps here that weren’t great fits
But I had left advertising and I was learning about myself.

I discovered and got excited about coaching, so I went got certified.
I had no idea how it would weave into my career and life.
I took 3 years to figure out what kind of coach I wanted to be. 

Training teams in large organizations? 
Designing learning and development programs? 
Being on a team of executive coaches? 

I tried on all of these hats.
None of them quite fit.
But one interest kept resurfacing: 

How can I make it easier for people to create a career that is simply an extension of who they are and how they want to live their life? 

I paid attention to what kept nudging at me.
I eventually realized that I wanted to coach full time.
And running my own coaching business was the best fit for my interests, strengths, and priorities. 

But this realization took time. 
It took making decisions with imperfect information. 
It took following my curiosities and interests.
It took learning what didn’t fit and course-correcting.
It took trusting that I’d figure it out along the way instead of waiting to feel confident about every single piece.

Trust that your path will reveal itself, one step at a time.
It probably won’t be linear.
And that’s ok.
You know more about yourself than you think.
And you definitely have enough information today to start taking action .

PS. I teach my clients how to make clean, structured, and intentional decisions about their career and life. I teach them how to get the information they need and how to trust themselves when they don’t know how the path will unfold. If you’re curious about how this could work for you then schedule a Career Strategy Call