Client Story: Finding Purpose & Direction

Have you ever been at an event and when someone asked you what you did for work you said something quick and flippant? Perhaps you made a self-deprecating joke and then tried to move the conversation onto something else? 

That's what was happening with my client, Damien. Whenever his professional status would come up he would feel himself shrinking and receding from the moment.

He didn't feel energized and excited by what he was doing and didn't know how to articulate where he was going in his career. 

Through our work, he developed a clear sense of purpose and direction. He now wants to talk about what he does and feels proud and confident about who he is and how that translates into his career.

He's dreaming bigger. He's thinking bigger.

Watch Damien's 3 minute testimonial above. 

And a big thank you to Damien, who loves to tell stories through video, for lending his editing skills and finding the music for this testimonial.