The best kept secret: Portfolio Careers

Those people with slashes in their title always used to annoy me.  (Think: Model/Entrepreneur)

But then I became one. (Marketer/Life Coach)

And in doing so I realized, a “portfolio career” (one where you have multiple revenue streams and thus, a slash) is actually one of the best kept secrets to career success and happiness.

It allows you to express the richness of you. 

Because you are more than you current job. You have other strengths and interests and priorities. 

And we’re seeing that the modern career, facilitated by the internet, allows for this level of flexibility and self-expression. 

So start that side project.
Take that course. 
Consult for that cause.

And if you have to negotiate for more flexibility in your schedule, then do that. 

Not only will you get energy from this activity that will reverberate across the rest of your career and life, but by diversifying your career in line with your full identity you will open yourself up to exciting opportunities in the future. 

This is also the most effective approach if you're considering a full career pivot.

Some of my favorite slash careers from my own network:

Scientist/Jewelry Designer
Product Manager/Dog Trainer
Client Service Director/Painter
Art Director/Greeting Card Designer

What will yours be? 


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