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Imagine if what you did for work felt like an extension of who you are and how you want to live your life.

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Anyone can create an energizing career if they know what to focus on. 

Do you feel like...

You're no longer learning new things or having fun.

You struggle to see any role models ahead of you.

Every day at work feels like an uphill battle. 

It's like a core part of you is missing or suppressed.

And at the same time...

You're having a tough time figuring out what you want to do next.

It's hard to know where to start.

Either you feel scattered and overwhelmed.

Or you feel paralyzed and stuck.

If you leave your current role, who are you?

Does it mean you couldn't cut it? 

Do you actually need wholesale change?

If only there was a test you could take that would tell you the answers.

Because you fear making the wrong move.

Is what you want even possible? 

When you are lost, bored, or stuck, it's because your career foundation needs strengthening. 

In The Career Studio Group you learn the foundational concepts that create career alignment and fulfillment.

This is STRUCTURED, INTENTIONAL, HOLISITIC work that sets you up to thrive professionally for the rest of your career.

Think about it like the foundation of a house.

You need a sturdy foundation to build a house. Equally, you need a sturdy foundation to build an energizing career you love. 

This work becomes the fundamental playbook for your career. 

It's a playbook you can come back to again and again as, inevitably, who you are and what you want evolve.

Alignment isn't a one and done. 

It's a constant adjustment. 

And if you know what to focus on you will always have the instructions.

Working with Anne has been one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made, and I cannot recommend her enough. Within just six months, she was able to positively impact nearly every piece of my career and life. I believe that some will search an entire lifetime for the toolset that Anne provides within six months. I now have tools that will help me grow confidently and authentically forever

Eamon, Los Angeles
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Joining The Career Studio Group is an investment that will pay lifetime dividends through your career and life.

Here's what you get...

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Create clarity and direction by getting clear on your natural strengths, genuine interests, and lifestyle priorities. 

Pull these into to my proprietary North Star tool that helps you to generate career hypotheses that feel grounded and true.

It allows you to rate opportunities against each other.

And speak confidently about who you are and what you want.

And it strengthens you connection to your gut. So you trust yourself to make the decisions that are best for you.

Learn how to have authentic networking conversations that get you the answers you actually need to make decisions and present yourself compellingly instead of nice chats on other people's terms.

Create momentum and secure new career opportunities by learning how to have effective networking conversations the drive insights and results.

Build a network of mentors, advisors, peer coaches, and champions.

This becomes your own personal Board of Directors - to guide you now and in the future along your new / restructured career path.


Create confidence by unwinding from beliefs that are making you feel confused, worried, and insecure.

Learn how to think and feel on purpose to create emotional peace and make the results you want inevitable.

Drastically reduce your stress and anxiety.

Improve your ability to navigate the unknown and step outside your comfort zone.

Create energy by learning how to set, communicate, and hold the boundaries you need to thrive. 

Make over-working a thing of the past. 

Fill your personal life with activities that energize and enrich you. 

Unwind from procrastination by learning how to organize you to dos and project plans effectively.

Anne changed my life. When we started I felt like I was stuck at a dead-end and berating myself for it. With her guidance I learned how to re-frame my perspective and see all the possibilities before me. Since working with her I changed industriesopened my own side business, and generally feel unstoppable. Anne is empathetic, creative, and also structured in her approach. I felt like she had my back and kept me moving forward and learning new things every session. 

Isabelle, London

The Career Studio Group

The Details

This is a 6 month group coaching program.
Week of April 29 - October 28th.
The investment is: $3333 paid in full.
Applications are open April 2-7, 2024.

Below is what's part of The Group program
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Every week the calls mix core teachings to give you structure and focus with advanced coaching to help you unblock as you move towards your goals. You get coaching. You learn from the other students when they get coaching. The calls motivate you and accelerate your growth.

This is where you go for support in between sessions. Share your work, your wins, and your questions. Get both direct coaching from Anne as well as feedback from your peers. Network with your new Career Studio community - made up of other growth-oriented professionals focused on building authentic, energizing careers.

Access worksheets, readings, handbooks, videos, and member-only podcast episodes that supports the education and implementation of The Career Fulfillment Playbook. Includes tactical pieces like creating your North Star, the Networking Playbook, interview prep, LinkedIn and CV updates, mindset management, boundary setting and habit formation tools, and more.

Personalized coaching to iron out any individual questions or blockers that haven't been addressed in the Group Zooms or through our conversations on Slack. One will happen in the first half and one in the second half of the program.

The group is made up of other growth-oriented professionals and is hand-selected by Anne to ensure fit and engagement. When you learn in a group you 10x your insights, connections, and opportunities. The group is designed to further support you with networking and opportunities.

When you learn in a group you turbo-charge your growth.

10x your insights, connections, and opportunities.

Applications are open on April 2nd at 12pm ET

Join the Waitlist to get early access (24 hours earlier).
Spots are limited and applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.









Applications are now open!

Hi, I'm Anne

I spent a long time in my career trying to fit into a mold of what I thought 'success' looked like. 

I did an MBA and worked in tech because I thought those were the components of a successful career. I was miserable. Bored, under-performing, and burning out. 

When I found coaching everything clicked. Here was something I was inherently good at, genuinely interested in, and supported my lifestyle priorities. 

If only I'd figured it out sooner! So I set about creating a simple, repeatable system for figuring out who you are, what you want, and building your career around that. 

Because it takes less energy to be yourself. When you create a career that's a great fit for the person that you are, this is when you'll thrive, have the most fun, and create the most impact. 

Anyone can do it if you know what to focus on.

Here's my LinkedIn.


Here's what clients are saying

Working with Anne was the best investment I've made in my career journey thus far. Despite numerous achievements, external recognition, and upward career progression, I was still feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and surprisingly quite lost, and I didn't know who to talk to. The work enabled me to see more clearly the direction I wanted my career to go in and what my next steps should beMy work-life balance has improved considerably, as has my overall outlook and approach to my career. I feel way more grounded on a day-to-day basis and very optimistic about the future. The best part is that I can easily refer to and reuse what she taught me or what we worked on together, should I ever feel stuck again or need to pivot.  If you're having a "mid-career crisis", about to make a big career decision/move, or are just beginning your career journey post education, I cannot recommend Anne enough.

Sara, Oregon
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Life changing! I came to coaching to rethink my career. I've done that, but more importantly to me, I'm leaving as a far more energetic, confident and free version of myself. After trying and failing for YEARS,  I have finally decoupled my self-worth from my productivity. I would absolutely recommend going on this journey with Anne - the impact has been a lot more far reaching than I expected. She's given me the tools and support I needed not only to breathe new life into my career but also to craft a life that's uniquely my own. 

Catherine, Norwich
I started working with Anne after leaving my last job with nothing else lined up. I was unhappy with how some things had ended in my last role and really clueless about what exactly I wanted to do next. Working with Anne helped me identify what it was about my work that I actually enjoyed, and she helped me develop a framework to find a job that was going to be exciting and fulfilling for me.
Once I landed a new job, she also worked with me to change my outlook on how I approach personal and professional challenges, helping me feel better about how I reacted to challenges and overcame them. I learned so much about how to put my best self forward in everything I do.

Anne was awesome throughout the entire process and provided me a ton of resources to help me grow as a person.

Liam, New York
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Working with Anne this past year has been utterly transformative. I came to her in a state of unease after a year of maternity leave, and I was anxious about returning to work, and more broadly how to get what I wanted from work in this new chapter of my life. Anne's kind, thoughtful and gently challenging style, as well as her incredible tools and practical support, guided me through a tough transition, and left me with clarity and confidence about where I am going. I know I will look back on this coaching journey as one of the pivotal moments in my career.

Sarah, London

When I first began working with Anne, I was very much "lost" in my career, and in so many other ways. I felt confused, uninspired, and frustrated, and these feelings were spilling into most aspects of my daily life. Anne met me where I was and coached me through a methodical process of active self-reflection that, more than merely restore, has drastically heightened my sense of trust in myself beyond what it has ever been. She helped me to reconnect with my interests and passions and to identify professional pursuits that feel exciting to me. She taught me how to engage in meaningful conversations with others in my network – something that I previously had no interest or belief in – to explore new perspectives and obtain concrete answers to the questions that lay at the heart of my decisions about the present and the future of my career. Anne has provided me with strategies – including, most fundamentally, the power to tune into and harness my intuition – that have enabled me to develop a robust vision for my career that I feel truly excited about, and that will allow me to navigate ongoing changes in my personal and professional life as I build on that vision. I am very happy to say I now have a sharp instinct for what it is I am working towards, and I am comfortable with and confident in the process of continually refining my professional goals. 

Christina, Philadelphia

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The sooner you work with Anne, the better. She has given me confidence, direction, and a whole arsenal of skills that I didn't have before. She offers guidance and direction while always prioritizing your passions and humanity. During our time together I landed a great role that built up my skill set and two months after we finished working together I used this job experience and the skills I'd learned with Anne to land my dream role. I don’t think I could be feeling so confident about this transition in my life without the time that we spent working together. I am so excited! And so ready for this next stage of my life. 

Claire, Seattle

Feeling lighter, clearer, and more energized.

Yui, Seattle

Finding purpose and direction.

Damien, New York