The new formula for success

The tried and tested formulas for ’success’ in life have competition. 

You no longer have to climb the corporate ladder.
You no longer have to appeal to the masses.
You no longer have to live in a major global city.

Instead, today there are infinite ways to design your career and life. 

You can create fulfillment using whatever definition of fulfillment you’d like. 

And while this opportunity is exciting, infinite choice can feel overwhelming. 
It can be hard to know where to start. 
Especially when there’s millions of books and articles on how to navigate this choice. 

And I've paid a price for this overwhelm. Spending years lost, burned out, and demotivated in my career and life.

So when I finally found my path - coaching, I set about to answer one question:

How could I make it simpler to build a rewarding career and life? 

I love finding patterns and themes. So after 6 years of reading hundreds, if not thousands of books and articles on creating a career and life you love, I’ve boiled it down into 4 buckets.

4 building blocks that come up time and time again in various shapes and forms. 

They’re the sturdy foundation you need to build to move from strength to strength in your career confident that you’re spending your precious time on this planet doing what you were meant to do and living the life you want.

Here they are: 

  1. Your Brand. Get clear on your strengths, your interests, your priorities.

This clarity provides your roadmap for career success and fulfillment. It tells you how to create an environment in which you'll be successful. And once you’ve oriented your career this way, it gives you a foundation from which to grow your profile within your space. 

  1. Your People. Ask for help and guidance. 

Are you talking to people doing interesting things? Are you asking for help and guidance to get you from where you are to where you want to be? Do you have a personal Board of Directors? You will go further, faster if you are having conversations. 

  1. Your Rhythm. Establish the boundaries you need to thrive - with work, with family, with friends, with yourself.

10,000 hours of expertise can only be successfully realized by combining them with 12,500 hours of deliberate downtime and 30,000 hours of sleep. It’s essential to understand your energy rhythm, what fuels you, how you want to structure your days, weeks, months, and years and then communicate this to the people in your life.

  1. Your Mindset. Intentionally choose your thoughts and feelings. The woo factor.

No thoughts and feelings are wrong. Some are simply unproductive and others create extraordinary results. Having the skill to recognize your unproductive thoughts and feelings and choose the ones that will help you create the results you want in your life is the often-overlooked recipe for success. 

I know everyone reading this is reaching for something in your career and life. 

Which building block feels like it needs the most of your attention? 

Start there.

PS. I work with my clients to achieve their goals for their career and life through focusing on these 4 building blocks. It’s a framework you can use again and again as who you are and what you want evolves. This is about setting you up for success and fulfillment in everything you do. Schedule a Strategy Call to learn how this would work for you.