Stop slamming the door in your own face

door close

Negativity can be a comfortable place to live.

We tend to assume new things will be hard and come up with a load of reasons to validate this assumption. Even if the familiar is mediocre at best.

When it comes to our career it’s thoughts like: 

It’s too much work.
I’m too old. 
I don’t have the right experience.
It’s really hard to be successful.
You can’t make any money doing that.

So we don’t take action and we stick with our status quo.

Because while these thoughts aren’t comfortable to hear, they’re comfortable thoughts for our brain. 

Remember, our brain evolved into its current form around 50,000 years ago. It was built to prefer known decisions and environments; these keep us in safe environments that reliably provide food and shelter.

But in the modern world, with our fully stocked supermarkets and air-conditioned homes, letting our brain’s primitive drivers call the shots is a dangerous place to live.

This is the difference between staying in the familiarity of our comfort zone and going after that idea, that dream, that itch, that deep-down knowing that you were meant for more.

So, instead of assuming it’s going to be hard, tell your brain to assume it’s possible.

When you assume it’s possible, you act as if. 

You feel curious and creative and excited.
You have conversations and look for opportunities and solutions.
You take the reins of your career and life instead of delegating responsibility to the 'powers that be’.

It’s a simple change of thought. But it’s a thought that changes everything. 

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