Love yourself to a career you love

love yourself

Warning! This post is super ‘woo’.

Everything in my career changed when I started loving myself.

Yikes, such a freaking platitude. I know.

Let me make it more tangible.

I used to wish I was more quantitative and strategic. I used to wish I thrived in high-pressure, fast-paced environments. These are not strengths of mine. But boy did I try to fit myself into that mold.

I did a competitive MBA and spent 6 months trying to be a management consultant. I burned out during this process.

I tried my hand at growth marketing for early stage start-ups. I eventually got fired.

I paid a price for trying to be like other people. 
But I’m actually quite grateful I did. 

Because it forced me to actively cultivate my strengths and interests and priorities
And look for environments that allowed these to bloom.

I’m great at understanding people.
At distilling down messy thoughts into neat themes.
At communicating authentically.

I love helping people discover themselves.
Learning the latest in personal development. 
Helping people create careers and lives they love.

It’s important to me to have ownership over my income potential
To have extreme flexibility in my schedule.
To create something I own.

Once I loved that these were MY strengths, MY interests, MY priorities, then these became MY roadmap to a rewarding career I love.

Because when you take the reins of your career and create it to suit you, you create the environment for yourself to thrive. 

It starts by loving yourself.

Love the things that do come easily to you.
Love the parts that don’t match up against the ‘norm’.
Love your story - failures, warts and all.

I promise you once you love yourself, you have a map, and everything will fall into place.


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