Lessons from getting fired

I got fired once. And while at the time I was super embarrassed about it, today I call it one of the best things that has happened to me. 

Here’s why.

After my MBA I found my way into tech - it seemed like the ‘right' next step and I’d get some experience that looked good on my resume. 

It turned out I don’t really care about tech and generally didn’t enjoy it, but regardless I continued to stay in the space and ultimately found myself running marketing for a seed stage hardware start-up. 

It was a terrible fit in every way imaginable. 
And after 6 months, the CEO asked me to leave.

I spent months beating myself up, telling myself I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, all the horrible things. Not a great space to build a career from.

Culturally we tend to associate getting fired with the idea failure
and we associate failure with the feeling of shame
resulting in low-self esteem 
which impacts what’s possible in our career. 

But in reality getting fired was the wake up call I needed. 

I was forced to be honest with myself about what I really wanted to do at work every day, what topics I wanted to think about, the types of people I wanted to work with.

Because I got fired I came to terms with the fact that I found tech boring.
And that growth marketing wasn’t that interesting to me. 
And that really what I was excited about was coaching and personal development.

So I took a role at a training and coaching company.
And took 2.5 years to learn about the industry from the inside
I figured out where I fit best within it.
And this year I became a full time entrepreneur, doing what I can confidently say is my unique path to career fulfillment.

Ultimately, getting fired is simply a fact. It happened to me. 
I have the choice over the perspective I take on this fact.
I choose: It was a pivotal step in my career that helped steer me onto my path.
A much better mindset to build my career from.

It’s ridiculous, really, that failure is so stigmatized.
How else do you learn besides failing?
How else do you realize what’s important to you?
Are you really living your #bestlife if you’ve never failed?

Celebrate failing.
Celebrate getting fired.
This is how you create a career and life you love.

PS. I teach my clients how to look at their career in a constructive and positive way, so they can take what they’ve loved and what they’ve learned and use it to write the next chapter - a chapter that’s a great fit for them. Schedule a Career Strategy Call to discuss how this would work for you.