Are you having FUN?

The night before I started my job at a big creative ad agency in London I could barely sleep I was so excited.

I'd been collecting Absolut Vodka print ads since I was 10 years old and talking about working in advertising since I was in college.

I spent five very happy years at that agency, having a lot of fun.

The week before I became a full time entrepreneur I told everyone I met.

I was so excited to get to focus on my business full time and get to finally do the projects I'd had to put on the back-burner for years.

I wake up looking forward to the challenge of working on my business and my skills as a coach.

Besides these two experiences, I've had five other roles at five other companies. And while they all taught me something - about myself, the industry, my priorities - they weren't 'fun'.

In the run up to starting at each of them, I didn't feel excitement in my body. My anticipation came more from a more rational place: about what I'd learn or how it'd look on my resume.

This meant on the job work often felt tedious and draining. I would feel depleted after work. I was more prone to bitching and gossip. 

And while there's nothing wrong with making a strategic move in your career, ultimately you want to solve for fun.

Fun doesn't mean easy. Instead:

Fun is what gives you energy to solve challenges.
Fun is what keeps you learning and growing.
Fun is what allows you to feel present in your personal life.

It's probably not what your parents or guidance counselor told you. But these are new rules we're living by.

For the first time in human history it is genuinely possible to create a tailor-made career - one that satisfies your ideas of what is fun, interesting, meaningful, and rewarding. One that supports your personal priorities. 

So ask yourself - are you having fun?