How to create your own luck

It’s easy to get discouraged when people tell you “I just got really lucky” in the context of starting a business or finding a unique job opportunity. 

While there are certainly cases of genuine, out of the blue, luck - winning the lottery, for example - for the most part, it is possible to create your own luck. 

You do this by creating the space and the conditions for luck to appear. 

Here’s an example. 

When I was doing my MBA I became fascinated by ’smart cities’ and the ‘internet of things’ - essentially connecting inanimate objects to wifi so they can read and respond to their environment.

I thought it would be so cool to work in this space but wasn’t sure how. 

All year during the program I read up on the topic, attended webinars and lectures, and networked with people around the globe working on smart city projects. 

I got a lot of people telling me I didn’t have the right background. Or I’d have to move to a small town in the American midwest to get the right experience. 

I kept going. 

Then one day I got an email from a recruiter for a smart home security camera start-up based in New York City. They were looking for someone to help them on international marketing. My background was a perfect fit and I got the job. 

If I just told this last part of the story it would seem like luck happened to me. But rather, I had put myself in the position to recognize and seize the opportunity.

You can’t force luck to occur. But you can prepare for it.

Get clear on the direction you want to head and embed yourself in this space - talk to people, take on projects, read up on the topic, improve your mindset, skill and knowledge base. 

Then when the right opportunity comes along you'll know it immediately and be ready to take advantage of it.

With enough preparation and a healthy dose of time you’ll create the luck you’re looking for in life.

What luck are you preparing for?


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