Stop trying to be The Best

Have you ever quit something because you weren't The Best? I have. 

I've thought:
There’s people who are better than me at advertising.
I’ll never win any awards as a marketer.
So… what’s a better fit for me? 

These are the wrong thoughts to focus on. 

While, developing excellence in something is important. Your ability to be successful is not determined simply by being the best amongst your peers… 

In fact, the most successful people get that way not through an innately born talent, but through grit: perseverance over the long-term towards a goal.

So ask yourself: 
Do I like the work? 
Do I like the process of improving my skills?
Am I willing to put in the hours to get really good at this?
Am I committed to continuing even through challenges?

Being the ‘best’ is hard to judge anyways in most professions. Everyone brings their own spin to things. 

So strive for excellence, not exceptionalism. 

This is why I’ve recently handed in my notice in my marketing role and decided to focus full-time on coaching and building this business. 

Not because I'm not the best marketer. But because I love the process of improving my coaching, changing my clients’ lives, growing my business. 

It’s exciting and hard, motivating and intellectually stimulating. 

I know coaching is where I want to apply my grit.

Wheat elicits that drive in you?


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