Don't attach identity to institutions

One of the reasons I found it so hard to transition out of advertising is because I’d attached my identity to the agency I worked at and the London ad industry in general.

And when the industry became a place I no longer saw my future, I didn’t know what came next. 

As I moved to new roles and new cities, I found myself living in the pastconstantly comparing my current situation to my former and finding it lacking. 

Not a great place to live from.

The thing is, we aren’t defined by our job, the institutions we belong to, or the places we live

While it’s natural and easy to create an identity around these things, this approach ultimately creates a ball and chain you can't escape.

The secret to being resilient and adaptable, to ebbing and flowing with the volatility of life, is to define your identity within the confines of you.

Create a clear set of strengths, interests, priorities and values; then you can apply them to any situation you’re in.

This becomes your identity. 
This becomes what you’re known for.

It’s not fixed to specific situations or institutions. It’s a personal brand, a code of operating, that you have control over and can take along with you on the journey of life. Which as a result, will become much more open, flexible, and free.

What’s part of your personal brand? 


I work with my clients to create personal brands that ground them and guide them through each phase of life. This is the foundational work if you’re considering a career pivot or looking to accelerate your career within your existing space. Schedule a Strategy Session to discuss yours.