The price of certainty

Are you waiting to make a career move until you’re certain

Are you waiting to see all the steps laid out in front of you like a set of instructions?  

Are you waiting for that bolt of lightening, that hand of god, that head-over-heels in love feeling that you’ve met THE ONE true and perfect calling in life?

Too often passion is described as something you innately know about yourself. “From a young age, Sonya loved music” 

It implies there was a certainty. 

And when you’re looking for certainty you end up feeling stuck. You end up in analysis paralysis. This is how you end up treading water in life. Fantasizing about the end of the week or your next vacation. Overwhelmed with the amounts of potential routes forward, unable to make a decisions.

The truth is, passion doesn’t arrive one day fully formed. It emerges from fostering your interests, following your curiosities, paying attention to what seems interesting and fun.

And the best way to start chipping away at your questions is to have conversations. Lots of conversations with people doing interesting things to see how it sounds in reality. 

And then you can go one step further and start small projects on the side, in the evenings, on weekends. Testing out any idea that seems fun - for the fun of it. 

The main thing is to get out of your head and start to take action towards things that feel interesting and fun.

The more action you take, the more clarity you’ll get. 

As one of the grandfathers of personal development, Dale Carnegie, said:

Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage.

What action will you take today?


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