Don't play Rushing Roulette

The biggest mistakes I've made in my career are when I tried to rush the next step.

When I realized what I was doing was not a good long-term fit, I would spiral into deep negativity and frustration - about the work and the people. This would cloud my mind and make every day at work painful.

And in this pain, I'd be looking for a way to get out ASAP. 

Which would then land me in yet another environment that was not a great fit.

A vicious cycle.

Our brains don't operate well from negative emotions. Research shows that every single business outcome improves when you frame things positively.

So if you've realized where you are is not where you ultimately want to be, look for ways to frame it positively.

This gives you the headspace to think creatively and gives you the runway to do your pivot properly.

Quick pivots don't work.

That's why the first place I start with my clients is creating a positive and sustainable lifestyle based on where they are now.

And then we take 6 months to do the pivot properly.

6 months may feel like a lot when you're in pain. But 6 months is nothing compared to the years you'll waste making decisions in haste based on the wrong inputs and reasons.

Sometimes you have to slow down to speed up.


If where you are now is not where you want to be long-term, schedule a free Strategy Session and we'll discuss how you can make the pivot in 6 months. Schedule here.