The Mario Kart Philosophy

Mario Kart
I have a reputation for being terrible at Mario Kart. 🎮  🍄 

Every time I play with my friends I come in decidedly last every time. I'd come to terms with it. I have other strengths. It's ok.

But then last weekend, suddenly, I was very good.

I was coming in first every time, easily.🥇  Beating my friends who consider themselves quite good at the game.

What did I owe to my new found talent, I wondered.

Then I realized, it was the controller.

We were using Wii controllers which you can tilt to turn instead of the Switch controllers where you have to press buttons to make turns. 

It turns out I'm not terrible at Mario Kart. I just needed to find a way to play it that used my strengths.💪 

And the same is true for anything you're interested in.

Instead of trying to fit yourself into a role as its been designed or ruling out an industry or area of interest because you don't have the same skills as most of the other people in it - play to your strengths.

You want to think about how you can take the things that you are naturally good at, your existing experience, and apply it to the topics that interest you.

This is how you take the reins of your career and create something that energizes you, gives you meaning, and makes you feel excited to do your work every day. ✨

This isn't trying to be more like someone else. It's about being more like yourself. 


If you want to discuss how you can pivot your career by applying your strengths to the things that interest you, I offer a free career strategy call.